Drone Fishing For TUNA

Tuna from a drone On April 21, Jaiden Maclean and his brother Brody, together with angler Byron Leal and Nicholas Smith set the social media fishing world aflame when they posted a spectacular video showing their capture of a 20kg longtail tuna from Fingal Head beach, in northern NSW. The […]

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Abrolhos Islands

3 Day Spearfishing mission 40 nm off the mid west coast in a trailer boat. Such a fun trip plenty of fish crays and waves.

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Side Wash – Tucked away in the corner of Smiths beach. This has to be one of my favorite waves.  

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Cloudbreak and Restaurants

3 weeks if Fiji and 4 different swells, Check out these drone clips from Cloud break and Restaurants. Safe to say the waves were pumping for my whole trip. Enjoy

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