Mavic Mounts for SKY RIGGER Available Now!

Introducing SKY RIGGER

SKY RIGGER takes fishing to another level, it allows anyone to safely fly a bait or lure out and silently target fish from above. Whether you’re an experienced fisherman or have never fished before, SKY RIGGER expands your view to experience fishing like you have never imagined. The ability to capture, relive and share epic fishing action is truly revolutionary. It's fishing made easy, and accessible for everyone.


$ 199.00


  • No boat? No worries

    Reach the unreachable with SKY RIGGER, its now possible to target offshore game fish like tuna, mackerel, marlin and kingfish right from the shore. Your range is only limited by the line on your reel.

  • Fishing for everyone

    Whether you’re an experienced fisherman or have never fished before, drone fishing with SKY RIGGER gives you the ability to experience fishing like you’ve never imagined. It’s fishing made easy, accessible and for everyone.

  • Keep your drone dry

    Using innovative pressure release technology, SKY RIGGER releases your bait/lure automatically when a fish strikes or manually by applying pressure.

  • Quick setup

    Get fishing in no time - SKY RIGGER’s quick and easy set up takes less than 1 minute and we provide a custom designed fish hex tool to make life easier on the go.

  • Try new techniques

    Experiment with dropping or dangling baits in the water and trolling lures, drone fishing allows your leader to be above the water line making lures look irresistible.

  • Built to last

    Made from the finest corrosion resistant materials and with no batteries required, SKY RIGGER offers the ultimate drone fishing reliability.

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