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Best Drone Fishing Spots in Queensland

Drones have opened up a whole new world for anglers and outdoor adventurers. Drone fishing allows you to access fishing spots you could have never dreamed of before, and helps you capture exciting content in the process. Australia has some incredible locations, just waiting to be explored. We want to excite you to get in your car or boat, find and fish new places and see what’s out there! Based on the south west coast of Australia, we thought it’s only right to share our best drone fishing spots in Queensland. Here we go!

Fraser Island (the best location ever)

Located on the eastern Queensland coast is the world’s largest sand island, spanning over 120km. With insane views, clear turquoise water, sheets of colourful sand and sick bold cliffs, Fraser Island quite simply is not only one of the best drone fishing spots in Queensland, but the best location ever! Drone fishing makes it possible to reach pelagic species such as Marlin, Mackeral and Tuna right from the beach. Fraser Island is one of the best destinations in the world for targeting pelagic close to shore. The variety of species on offer is like nowhere else!

Fraser Island is on every fisherman’s bucket list. I mean who doesn’t want to target black marlin that can be sighted in super shallow water (5 feet or so). The area is also home to longtail tuna (around the 20kg mark), big golden trevally, queenfish and big-eye tuna. You can also catch plenty of bread and butter fish such as: bream, whiting, flathead and tailor if you feel like chasing the smaller species.

The location can be tricky to access if weather conditions are poor. Moving towards the Cape, passed Ngkala Rocks you may have to take the back track around the South and North Ngkala Rocks. The road is pretty steep and not well kept so take care on the journey.

Moreton Island

Moreton Island just off the coast of southeastern Queensland, Australia. A bit like Fraser Island, Moreton Island is also known for its sandy, steep beaches. The area has beautiful reefs and shipwrecks, plenty of dolphins and a huge variety of fish.

The Island is mostly known for its Pink snapper, but you can also target tuna, mackerel and tailor. Sending bait or lures out to catch tailor and Jewfish has proven successful with the drone!

If you're taking the family, there's loads of family friendly activities to do there - 4WDing, sand boarding, snorkelling, rock pools, walks and eco tours.

Seventeen Seventy (1770) Agnes Water

This place is known as the ‘haven for fishing enthusiasts’ and also a perfect location to visit for a family holiday. There are loads of fishing spots from the beach, rocks and creeks and estuaries. We’d recommend both shore-based drone fishing and from a boat here. You may need a 4WD to reach some of the more secluded fishing spots.

Shore based fish would include - tailor, swallowtail dart, jew, snub nose dart, yellowfin bream, tarwhine, sharks, whiting, flathead, spanish mackerel, mack tuna, longail tuna, spotted mackerel, giant herring, golden trevally, giant trevally, cobia, queenfish, black jew and kingfish.

Boat based species include - barramundi, queenfish, mangrove jack, trevally, estuary cod, grunter, silver and pike bream, threadfin salmon, spanish mackerel, mack tuna, longtail tuna, spotted mackerel, giant herring, golden trevally, giant trevally, cobia, queenfish, black jew and kingfish.

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