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Sea Ulcer Launch Their First Drone Fishing Accessory Product - SKY RIGGER

Remember the guys who caught a 20KG tuna with a drone back in 2016? Well, they’ve just launched a revolutionary product to help anyone and everyone have a crack at drone fishing. Yew!

Sea Ulcer, a media production and product development brand, started off as a blog by a group of mates on the south west coast of Australia. With a passion for technology and all things water the guys came up with an idea to take drone fishing to the next level. Since landing that very first tuna they decided to branch out into developing products that inspire adventure and create new and unique experiences. SKY RIGGER is their first product to market and an absolute game changer in the world of fishing!

SKY RIGGER - Fish on a new high

SKY RIGGER is a drone fishing accessory that is super easy to rig up and use. Quickly attach in under one minute to the legs of your drone and you’re ready to go. The cleverly designed drone attachment has a patented pressure-driven drone fishing line release mechanism that requires no battery and keeps your line tangle free. The line releases automatically when the fish strikes or manually by applying pressure. Giving you unlimited options and ultimate control while letting you fish your way.

SKY RIGGER has been specifically designed to attach any way you like (vertically or horizontally) without modifications to your drone or connection to its lights. SKY RIGGER doesn’t damage your drone or affect the warranty and has been developed and tested with high rust and corrosion resistant materials. View full list of materials and features under our product section.

So how does it work?

SKY RIGGER is surprisingly simple to use: ATTACH. CATCH. SHARE.

  1. Attach SKY RIGGER to your drone, use the fish hex key provided.
  2. Secure your fishing line in the release mechanism and test the pressure.
  3. Launch the drone, and use the camera to spot fish as you head out.
  4. Lower your bait precisely or troll lures, fish however you like until you get a strike.
  5. Press record and film all the action to re live and share with everyone.

“We’re driven to explore limits and go beyond the expected with a real advantage above.”

Helping their customers capture epic content and share amazing memories

Sea Ulcer aims to share the stoke above and below the water. SKY RIGGER allows users to increase their strike rate allowing them to capture unseen fishing action to share with friends and family. The guys are working towards building up a space where frothers can share their adventures and showcase their SKY RIGGER in action. Watch this space!

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