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Fish With Us in Australia!

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Come fish with us!

All drone equipment, fishing rods / reels, tackle and bait will be provided.

Transport to and from Gold Coast airport can be arranged. Area for fishing will be from Gold Coast to Byron Bay for half and full-day trips. 

December to March open to target fish species: Black Marlin, Sailfish, yellowtail King fish, Spanish mackerel, jewfish (mulloway), snapper, longtail tuna and more. 

Then April to August is the tuna season. We will heavily target longtail tuna and we can chase the other species mentioned above. 

August to December can be the: Kingfish, Spanish mackerel, jewfish (mulloway), snapper, longtail tuna, black marlin and sailfish. 

Half-Day drone fishing

3-hour trip drone fishing the open beaches and headlands with access to inshore reefs of the Tweed Coast and surrounding areas. We will use techniques such as trolling lures, live and dead baits to film the fish strikes or casting lures and baits up to 800 meters from shore and slow retrieval for a variety of species.

Full Day Drone Fishing

​6 hours of drone fishing up and down the coast, you name your bucket list fish and we will do our best to catch you that fish of a lifetime. The full-day includes photos and videos of the day and the fish you catch. Truly a must-have experience for any serious fisherman.