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SKY RIGGER Advantages

Fishing for everyone: It’s fishing made easy, accessible and for everyone. Whether you’re an experienced fisherman or have never fished before, SKY RIGGER gives you the ability to experience fishing like you’ve never imagined.

Explore new possibilities: Remotely scope out new drone fishing spots and structures that would normally be unreachable. Target new species and catch more fish.

Keep your drone dry: Using innovative pressure release technology, SKY RIGGER drone fishing rig will release your bait or lure automatically when a fish strikes or manually by applying pressure.

Access offshore: Fish offshore without leaving land. Your range is only limited by the length of line on your reel.

No boat? No worries: Targeting offshore species is now a possibility right from the shore. Expand your view and reach the unreachable for the first time.

Stealth mode: Compared to a boat engine, a drone is essentially silent. Get closer to big fish and drop your bait or lure with stealthy precision.

Try new techniques: Experiment with dropping or dangling live/dead baits in the strike zone or trolling lures, drone fishing allows your leader to be above the water line making lures look irresistible.

Cast light lures: Cast light lures and feathers further than ever before and target hard to reach snags and structures.

Share your vision: Share new experiences and perspectives with friends and family. SKY RIGGER drone fishing attachment has been designed to maximise your strike rate, allowing you to capture, relive and share unique fishing action like never before.

Simple set up: Get fishing in no time - SKY RIGGER’s quick and easy set up takes less than one minute.

Built to last: Engineered with the finest corrosion resistant materials and with no batteries required, SKY RIGGER offers the ultimate drone fishing reliability.  

Safe zones: Lower your risk of danger while fishing from the rocks! Drone fishing allows you to reach the desired location from a safer vantage point. Launch your drone and get your bait out where you want it.

Sustainable: SKY RIGGER’s targeted cast helps reduce the amount of lost fishing line and tackle around our coastal rocks and reefs. This has a positive impact on our environment, which is one of our core values.

Cast assist: Cast like a pro every time! Test different fishing techniques based on your location, target species and the conditions. These are the methods we use:

  • ‘Dropping’ is casting a bait or lure at an extended distance and releasing the line far further than conventional casting.

  • ‘Dangling’ is when you tease the fish by dropping baits in and out of the water. Live bait can be held in a desired location regardless of tide or wind.

  • ‘Trolling’ with lures or baits allows your leader to be above the waterline, making lures appear more realistic and increasing your strike rate.
From a boat: Drone fishing from a boat has equally as many benefits as fishing from the beach. It enables you to look for fish aggravations, bird activity, bait and structures from an advantage above. With SKY RIGGER you’re able to cast a bait or lure silently from a distance where you won’t spook the fish with your boat engine.